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December---JMS heads to Boston to give a talks at Harvard and Northeastern.

December---Graduate researcher Preeti Sahu passes her research oral exam.

November---Graduate researcher Kuang Liu passes his research oral exam.

November---JMS goes to NCState to give a seminar on the shape of the developing brain and chat with Professor Karen Daniels and her group. Professor Daniels is a leading experimentalist in granular materials (from a physics perspective).

October---JMS goes to Leipzig, Germany to present at the Annual Physics of Cancer Symposium, the brainchild of Josef Kaes, a world leader in the field of physics of cancer.

October---JMS travels to Gainesville, FL to give a talk at the Soft Matter Symposium, the brainchild of Tommy Angelini and Greg Sawyer.

August---JMS and Dr. Engstrom head to the Gordon Conference on Soft Matter in New Hampshire. JMS is a discussion leader, along with others such as Andreas Bausch, David Weitz, Daan Frankel, Sindy Tang, Cristina Marchetti, and Michael Brenner.

May---Graduate researcher Jikai Wang passes his research oral exam.

January---Graduate researcher Mahesh Gandikota joins the group.


November---JMS gives a Soft Matter Center Seminar at NYU and speaks at FisherFest at Stanford University in honor of her PhD advisor, Daniel S. Fisher.

October---JMS gives a condensed matter seminar at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

October---JMS heads to the Canadian Rockies to take part in a workshop at the Banff Research Station entitled, "Modeling and Quantifying Cell Function: 25 Years of Cell Mechanobiology".

July---Post-doc Tyler Engstrom joins the group. Tyler earned his PhD in physics from Penn State under the direction of Professor Vin Crespi.

June---JMS is a co-PI on a PLoS NSF grant on the physics of cancer with Lisa Manning as the PI and Cristina Marchetti as co-PI.

June---Smactive 2016, an ICAM workshop, takes place at Syracuse University with JMS as one of the organizers. JMS was the PI on grants from ICAM and NSF to help fund this workshop.

April---JMS is quoted in an APS News Article entitled, "Physicists, the brain is calling you".

March---JMS heads to Rice University to give a Theoretical Biological Physics Seminar.

March---Our PRL article on shape-shifting droplet networks has a synopsis written about it on the physics.aps.org website.

March---JMS heads to Scotland to give talks at the University of Dundee and the University of Aberdeen.

March---JMS heads to the APS March Meeting in Baltimore, MD to give an invited talk in the session Brain mechanics and morphology: From cortex folding to neuronal growth to compression stiffening.

January---"Rigid cluster decomposition reveals criticality in frictional jamming" makes the cover article of PRL.

January---JMS is co-organizer of the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP) at Syracuse University, along with Lisa Manning. The snow held off and even the local news came for interviews.

January---Second-year graduate student Kuang Liu joins the group.


October---JMS gives a Condensed Matter Seminar at the University of Rochester.

August---The JMS Theory Group is awarded $315,000 over the next three years from the Division of Materials Research of the National Science Foundation to study the onset of rigidity in living and nonliving systems.

August---Graduate researcher Tao Zhang successfully defended his thesis entitled, "Mechanics, shape, and programmability in soft matter systems: From fluid membranes to spring and droplet networks". Tao will soon take up his new post-doctoral position with the Anna Balazs Group at the University of Pittsburgh.

August---JMS spoke at the International Materials Research Congress in Cancun, MX on jamming graphs and on rigid cluster decomposition in frictional systems.

April---Graduate researcher David Mayett receives an Honorable Mention for his Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship application.

March---JMS heads to Europe to give talks at AMOLF, the University of Leiden, and ParisTech.

March---Graduate researcher David Mayett has been accepted to the 2015 Boulder Summer School.

March---JMS, Tao Zhang, and David Mayett all speak at the APS March Meeting in San Antonio, TX.

February---JMS heads to UCLA to give a Center for Biological Physics seminar about endocytosis and cerebral cortex folding as well as visit several other UC campuses.

February---JMS heads to the Center for Theoretical Physics in Aspen, Colorado to speak about jamming graphs and anisotropic rigidity percolation at the Unifying Concepts in Glass Physics VI conference.

January---Former graduate researcher Jorge Lopez begins his new professor in physics position at the University of Ibague located in Ibague, Columbia.


December---Graduate researcher Tao Zhang wins the sound bite competition at the 14th New York Complex Matter Workshop with his computational work on osmotic robotics.

November---STEM fellow David Mayett has been invited to present his work on cerebral cortex folding in the brain at the Emerging Researchers National Conference in STEM in February 2015 in Washington DC.

November---JMS heads to the University of Michigan to give a seminar entitled, "On the nature of shape in biology: From cerebral cortex folding to cell crawling".

October---JMS travels to Tel Aviv to attend a CECAM conference on Percolation and the Glass transition and speak about jamming graphs.

September---Our "Active elastic dimers: Cells moving on rigid tracks" paper, which is now published in Physical Review E, has been chosen as an Editor's Suggestion.

September---JMS heads to The Kvali Institute for Theoretical Physics in Santa Barbara, CA for three weeks to attend the KITP Program on Avalanches, Intermittency, and Nonlinear Response in Far-From-Equilibrium Solids.

August---Graduate researcher Jorge Lopez successfully defends his thesis entitled, "Rigidity and fluidity in living and nonliving matter".

July----JMS attends the Granular and Granular-Fluid Flow Gordon Conference on Fundamental Challenges and Applications of Particulate Systems in Stonehill, MA as a Discussion Leader.

June---Graduate researcher (and STEM Fellow) David Mayett successfully passes his Research Oral exam.

May---JMS wins a Departmental Teaching award for her undergraduate class on Electricity and Magnetism for physics majors and honors students.

April---JMS speaks at BIT's 4th Annual World Congress of Molecular and Cell Biology in Dalian, China. Other invited speakers included Gary G. Borisy and Thomas C. Sudhof.

March---JMS speaks at an Invited Session on Cell Motility in Three-Dimensions at the APS March Meeting in Denver, CO.

February---JMS chairs a session at the KITP Conference: Active processes in living and nonliving matter held in Santa Barbara, CA.


December---JMS talks about jamming graphs at the Network Frontier Workshop in Evanston, IL.

December---JMS wins a Departmental Teaching award for her graduate class on the Statistical Physics of Fields and the Renormalization Group.

November---JMS gives the Physics Colloquium at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY.

August---JMS attends the Soft Condensed Matter Physics Gordon Conference on Bio-Soft Matter: Dynamical and Structural Complexity in New London, NH.

July---Graduate researcher Tao Zhang successfully passes his Research Oral exam.

June---JMS attends the Aspen Center for Physics Workshop, Physics of Functional Biological Assemblies: Pushing, Pulling and Sensing, and speaks about modeling endocytosis in yeast.