J. M. Schwarz Theory Group
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J. M. Schwarz, Assistant Professor of Physics
Address: 201 Physics Building, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY 13244 USA
Phone: 315-443-3887/607-342-0876
Email: jschwarz@physics.syr.edu

Current Group Members

Tyler Engstrom (post-doc)
Kuang Liu (graduate researcher)
Mahesh Gandikota (graduate researcher)
Preeti Sahu (graduate researcher, co-advised with Cristina Marchetti and Lisa Manning)
Jikai Wang (graduate researcher, co-advised with Joseph Paulsen)

Former Group Members

Jorge Lopez (graduate researcher): Professor of civil engineering at the University of Mariana in Mariana, Columbia
Tao Zhang (graduate researcher): Post-doc in the group of Ana Balazs at Pitt
David Mayett (graduate researcher): Data scientist at Hoodline
Silke Henkes (post-doc): Faculty at University of Aberdeen in Scotland
Monwhea Jeng (post-doc): Software engineer at Microsoft
Bismayan Chakrabarti (undergraduate summer intern): Data scientist at airisData
David Quint (graduate researcher): Associate Project Scientist III at the Center for Cellular and Biomolecular Machines at UC-Merced
Shiliyang Xu (graduate researcher): Data scientist at Facebook
Liang Cao (graduate researcher): Vice President, Quant at Citi